Protection against inflation

Are you worried about high inflation and the devaluation of money in accounts with zero interest rates? We have a solution for you. Invest at a fixed rate in real projects you can see grow with your own eyes.

7 reasons to invest in the Proxper bond

Fixed yield of 7% per annum

Deposit starting from EUR 7,000

Yield paid once a year

Yield higher than annual inflation

Limited issue value of EUR 7 million

Investment group awards: Developer of the Year 2021 and the 7th largest residential developer in Slovakia

Legal information

This promotional notice is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or personal recommendation, does not constitute an offer to enter into a contract relating to a financial instrument, and is intended to provide investors with basic information. The purpose of the notice is not to replace the prospectus or the terms of issue. The investor has the opportunity to learn about the prospectus or the terms of issue on the issuer’s relevant websites ( or in paper form at the issuer’s registered office. There are various risks associated with investing in debt securities, in particular the issuer’s insolvency risk (the issuer may temporarily or permanently be unable to pay the amount due).