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Bars with various flavours and ingredients from the Healthy Food Supplements production plant in Galanta can be found on many store shelves in Slovakia and elsewhere. They are an everyday part of a healthy lifestyle, a sought-after dietary supplement for athletes, or a favourite delicacy of children. They offer excellent texture, a delicious taste, and balanced nutritional composition.

Production of high-quality, nutritionally and functionally balanced bars.

Production plant

The Healthy Food Supplements plant in Galanta produces high-quality, nutritionally and functionally balanced bars for various private labels. It provides a professional approach in finding a tasty tailor-made solution and production at a high technological and hygienic level.

State-of-the-art technologies

The combination of state-of-the-art technologies with the experience of experts in the field of development, production, and creative solutions, as well as close cooperation with nutrition consultants, allows a wide range of product implementations to be designed from development to production and distribution. The production in the plant is ensured at a high technological and hygienic level.

The continuous production line takes into account the latest standards for food production. It consists of all the necessary components to ensure the continuous production of bars, including the option of coating the bars in chocolate or other toppings. Packaging machines pack finished products into fully printable two or three-layer packaging. A mass and X-ray detector is also integrated into the production line, designed to check finished products. The production hall was completed in 2017 and meets strict food industry criteria. It is fully air-conditioned and, in addition to production, also includes office and presentation areas.

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