Investment projects

We develop projects in fields that we understand well, that are close to us, and that show the greatest prosperity in the long run. Each of our projects has something unique, but they have one thing in common. They all have teams of experienced professionals behind them who are not afraid of a challenge and who carry out their work honestly and responsibly.

The Proxenta investment group project portfolio consists of projects in various stages of implementation. Their current aggregate market value exceeds EUR 371 million.

Our portfolio

We take a conservative approach to project selection. We emphasise diversification and long-term stability. Therefore, our investments are focused on 3 stable segments:



204 830 000 €

204 830 000 €



68 050 000 € 

68 050 000 € 



98 700 000 € 

98 700 000 € 


371 000 000 €

Data as of 31 December 2021

Property development

Property development has been the basic investment pillar of the group since 2013. When choosing each residential development project, we consider location to be the key factor. Lucrative urban centres or a territory with extraordinary added value, such as proximity to the countryside. Property is a unique product. It is beautiful, tangible, satisfies the basic human need to have a home, and if it is in a suitable location, its value constantly grows. It is therefore the most stable in the long run. We don’t just construct buildings. We build homes and create lifestyles.

Commercial rental properties

Commercial rental properties generating regular income have been a solid part of the Proxenta portfolio since 2017. Within the set strategy, we focus on rental properties that have historically shown the ability to attract and keep tenants from strategic areas in the long term. In this way, we acquire assets that retain long-term value and at the same time enable the appreciation of funds in accordance with a conservative investment strategy. Unlike residential development, we look for suitable opportunities in regions outside the capital.


Production companies, mainly within the food industry, are historically the youngest area, but with the greatest potential for development in the future. Our priorities in this sector are high-quality technologies, a focus on science and research and, last but not least, the selection of the right locations. Thanks to this new segment, the group has achieved geographical diversification as well. In addition to the production plant in Galanta, the group owns a 51% stake in a confectionery factory in Latin America, on the island of Cuba.

Project financing


Our projects are always funded from several sources.


Consequently, we are able to implement several projects simultaneously.


More projects make it possible to diversify the risk.


The result is higher profits for all parties involved.

Optimal financial mix

In the area of financing development projects and purchasing commercial rental properties, Proxenta uses the traditional and proven model of the financial mix, where bank financing accounts for about 70 per cent of the project costs. Such setting indicates the high quality of projects and the credibility of Proxenta from the banks’ point of view. The banks financing our projects include, for example, Všeobecná úverová banka, Tatra banka, and Oberbank.

72 %

28 %


Proxenta’s in-house resources
and client investments

Chart: Financing of Proxenta’s property projects.

Chart: Financing of Proxenta’s property projects.

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