Proxenta Offices

Bratislava I., Staré Mesto,
Mýtna 50

Office premises

Commercial rental properties

EUR 6,610,000


These modern office premises are located in the Proxenta Residence in the centre of Bratislava, at the junction of Mýtna and Radlinského Streets. The exposed location is one of the most important transport hubs in Bratislava, and in the immediate vicinity of the building there is also a dense network of public transport lines.

Premium office premises at a lucrative address in the centre of the capital.

Residential project

Some of the premises are occupied by the Proxenta group, which chose the Proxenta Residence as its headquarters. While the office section is located on the lower floors, the top floor is reserved for the Proxenta group management. The remaining office premises have been leased to reliable, long-term tenants. The entrance area on the ground floor is intended not only for the building inhabitants, but also for the employees of the companies based here, as well as their clients and visitors.

Automatic parking system

PROXENTA Residence is one of the few buildings in Slovakia where cars are parked by an automatic parking system in the basement instead of drivers. It is a fully automated device, where the driver drives into the handling cabin and leaves the parking area after meeting the parking conditions. Subsequently, the system uses horizontal and vertical elevators to transport the vehicle without the driver to the nearest available parking space in the basement of the building. When leaving, the driver calls the vehicle by placing a chip card on the terminal. The parking system then transports the vehicle to the appropriate cabin, ready to drive out in the direction of travel.

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