Investment Products


We are investment experts. We have been successfully operating on the Slovak market since 2009. We only invest in what we understand. We carefully select projects that you can see grow and that bring lasting value. In addition to our own money and bank loans, we also finance projects through investment products, which enable even minor investors to benefit from their growing value.

Why invest in Proxenta

1 • The fastest growing group on the investment market

While many companies have been harmed by two years of pandemic, the crisis has made Proxenta even stronger. The end of the pandemic has even accelerated the company’s growth. In 2022, it gained more than 80% new clients.

2 • Financial stability

Proxenta is the third largest investment group on the market. We manage projects worth more than EUR 500 million. We pay attention to a healthy financing ratio divided between our own resources, clients’ investments, and bank loans.

3 • Investments only in selected areas

We invest mainly in the area of property development and food projects in which we have many years of experience, so we can responsibly predict their prosperity. The third pillar is rental properties generating a regular profit.

4 • Strong vision

Proxenta is the first Slovak company and one of ten global companies doing business in the food industry in Cuba. We also have the ambition to become investment leaders in other markets in Latin America and in our property development business.

5 • The developer you know

Proxenta has been operating as a developer since 2013. Seven projects in Bratislava and two in Nitra bring a total of more than a thousand flats to Slovakia. By 2020, 518 had been approved, and in 2021 Proxenta became the 7th largest residential developer in Slovakia and 8th largest in the years 2022 and 2023*. It won the Developer of Year award in 2021 in the residence segment according to and its largest approved project so far, Tabáň Residence in Nitra, was ranked 6th in the TOP 50 buildings in Slovakia, published by prestigious ASB magazine.

The ranking was compiled by the Slovak Spectator

Investment performance

107 %

107 % increase in investments.
30,3 mil. €
EUR 30,300,000 of new investments.

43 000 € 

Average new individual investment.

20 %

of new investments exceeded EUR 200,000.

32 %

of new clients invest in multiple products.

87 %

87 % growth of new clients.

500 mil. € 

Market value of investment projects exceeds EUR 500 million.

> 12 mil. € 

Bond coupons, principals and promissory notes paid to clients in 2022.

94 %

of clients reinvest their money in Proxenta.

7 %

Average annual bond yield.

> 8 %

Average annual yield of other forms of investing.

83 %

Increase in investments in Cuban projects.

Data as of 31 December 2022