Direct Investment in Projects

By directly investing in a development project, you will appreciate your funds in the form of a share in the profit upon its completion and sale. You too can have your share of the growing real estate market.

Invest with us in projects ,that visibly grow

Appreciation in the form of a share in the profit after the completion of the project

The ability to see your investment grow floor after floor

Preferential right to choose a flat before the start of sale

The possibility to earn twice – by the share in the profit of the direct investment and by the appreciation of the purchased flat during construction

The option to withdraw from the investment in case of delay in the construction schedule

Legal information

This material is an advertising and marketing document and is for informational purposes only. The information contained therein does not serve and is not intended as an investment recommendation or investment advice, does not represent the terms of issue and cannot be considered as a proposal to conclude a contract. In order to make an investment decision, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all relevant information, which includes, for example, information about the issuer, about the parameters of the security, about risks and fees. Full information in the form of a non-public offer for the purchase of a specific security will be provided only to a limited group of selected clients for whom investment in the given security is suitable and reasonable given their knowledge, experience, investment expectations and goals, financial situation, preferred time horizon, attitude towards risk and the ability to understand the risks associated with a particular investment. Investing in financial instruments is always associated with risk. Investing does not guarantee the return of the invested amount and past gains are not a guarantee of future gains. When investing in financial instruments issued by one of the companies belonging to the Proxenta group, there is a risk of concentration. This risk lies in the fact that the company offers its clients the purchase of financial instruments mainly issued within the Proxenta group. The client should therefore consider the investment in these financial instruments and understand it as a supplement to his or her wider portfolio, in which he or she also has financial instruments of other issuers or other financial market products as part of risk diversification.