Protect your money from inflation with the Proxper bond

Fixed yield of 7,25% per annum

Minimum investment EUR 7,000

Yield paid yearly

Commitment: until October 2027

Why invest in the Proxper bond


A bond yield of 7,25% per annum will reliably protect you from inflation, which was 3.2% in 2021.


You are investing your money in development projects and the food segment. You can always rely on our experience in these areas.


The issue has a limited volume of only EUR 7 million, so don’t delay. Join others who are investing with the 3rd largest investment group in Slovakia and let your money grow.

Our investment references

  • Stockerka, Bratislava IV, (market value 51.16 million)
  • Tabáň, Nitra, (market value 36.78 million)
  • Kesselbauer, Bratislava I., (market value 28.9 million)
  • Vila Biela, Bratislava I., (market value 10.9 million)
  • Šancová, Bratislava I., (market value 39.7 million)
  • Proxenta Residence, Bratislava I., (market value 10.29 million)
  • BLoKK, Bratislava I., (market value 12.2 million)
  • Weinhauer, Bratislava I., (market value 7.9 million)
  • Dúhové bývanie, Nitra, (market value 7 million)
  • Priemyselný park Vráble,
    (market value 15.87 million)
  • Priemyselný park Trnava,
    (market value 9.57 million)
  • Proxenta Offices, Bratislava I.,
    (market value 6.61 million)
  • Self Storage, Bratislava V., (market value 36 million)
  • Healthy Food Supplements, Galanta,
    (market value 5.7 million)
  • Developer of the Year according to
  • 7th largest developer in Slovakia (according to the Slovak Spectator)
  • 6th place for the Tabáň residence in Nitra in the TOP 50 buildings of Slovakia survey (according to ASB)
  • 100 % increase in investments
  • 103 % increase in new clients
  • 93 % of clients reinvest their money in Proxenta


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Legal information

This promotional notice is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or personal recommendation, does not constitute an offer to enter into a contract relating to a financial instrument, and is intended to provide investors with basic information. The purpose of the notice is not to replace the prospectus or the terms of issue. The investor has the opportunity to learn about the prospectus or the terms of issue on the issuer’s relevant websites ( or in paper form at the issuer’s registered office. There are various risks associated with investing in debt securities, in particular the issuer’s insolvency risk (the issuer may temporarily or permanently be unable to pay the amount due).